Easy Weight Watchers Greek Chicken Souvlaki

Easy Weight Watchers Greek Chicken Souvlaki

I’ll admit that most of the time I’m way too lazy to cut things into little pieces and put them on a stick. And although I am also a huge fan of kabobs and skewered food in general, I don’t want to be the one that has to make them. And why go to all that work when you actually don’t have to!? That’s exactly why I created this lazy version of Chicken Breast Souvlaki and it’s also a healthy and low-carb Weight Watchers version too!

This Weight Watchers Lazy Chicken Souvlaki is only 6 Weight Watchers Freestyle Smart points per serving, gluten-free and full of flavor! You won’t even miss the skewer. I promise.

Weight Watchers Lazy Greek Chicken Souvlaki

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